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Radiotherapy outcomes in Head and neck SCC of unknown primary.
A NOTCH-INTEGRATE collaboration

Project Lead: Dr Wai Yan Poon

Current status: OPEN

19 centres registered 

The diagnosis of HNSCCUP is rare and therefore no randomised trials regarding optimal management have been completed. Practice is guided by retrospective studies which are often limited by institutional bias and lengthy duration of data collection resulting in heterogeneous diagnostic techniques and treatment over that time.

The aim of this large retrospective study is to evaluate involved neck only (INO) radiotherapy and mucosal radiotherapy strategies in patients with HNSCCUP diagnosed and treated with modern diagnostic and radiotherapy techniques. The hypothesis is that INO radiotherapy does not compromise disease control when patients with HNSCCUP undergo comprehensive assessment with contemporary diagnostics prior to treatment.

This project opened to recruitment in March 2023 and is ongoing

HNSCCUP Project: Service
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