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TONIC-UK - Telemedicine utilisation by ONcology services In the Covid-19 pandemic : A UK national survey.

This project involves a national restrospective study and a survey to describe telemedicine utilisation across the public health sector in the UK and to describe the changes through the Covid-19 pandemic. Oncology services are typically well funded and have a large volume of outpatient consultations, and thus the oncology experience will likely demonstrate a reasonable best case scenario of the uptake of telemedicine in the UK on a national scale during the pandemic. Furthermore longitudinal data corresponding to national lockdown dates and easing of restrictions from January 2020 to August 2021 will allow for assessing trends in use of telemedicine as hospitals were faced with repeated periods of restrictions, pandemic pressures and also further time to invest in and set up telehealth oncology services. The survey will provide complimentary information on helath care professionals experiences on the use of telemedicine services and highlgiht best practice as well as any technical and regulatory barriers faced.

Project Lead: Shefali Parikh

Status: Closed to recruitment

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