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De-escalating Anal Cancer Treatment in co-morbid and frail patients unsuitable for standard radical chemoradiotherapy

Project Lead: Drs Rebecca Muirhead and Hamish Sinclair 

Current status: Due to open Autumn 2023

Anal squamous cell cancers (ASCC) is a rare malignancy, with 1500 cases/year in the UK, accounting for <1% of all UK cancer diagnosis.

A standard of care of definitive chemoradiotherapy for non-metastatic ASCC has been established though the ACT trials, but with up to two-thirds of patients experiencing grade 3 or grade 4 toxicity, patient selection is key. Subsequently, a cohort of patients are unsuitable for this treatment, often due to performance status, co-morbidity, organ dysfunction or previous radiotherapy, and a recent IMACC (international multidisciplinary anal cancer consortium) meeting anecdotally discussed the wide range in treatment strategies for these patients. 

This study aims to evaluate this population objectively, correlating patient outcomes with current UK management strategies. 

Centre recruitment is due to commence in Autumn 2023. Please contact us for further information. 

DeACT study: Service
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