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Management approaches in Grade III (Malignant) Meningioma and Haemangiopericytoma: a NOTCH UK multi-centre case series

Study Lead: Caroline Dobeson (

Status: Published-

Grade III meningiomas are a rare subgroup of meningiomas with an aggressive pattern of behaviour. Typically, they are primarily managed with surgical resection followed by radiotherapy, although practice varies across centres. Due to the small numbers of patients seen, firm guidelines on optimal management strategies do not exist, and there is a paucity of literature available on management strategies to employ in the locally recurrent or metastatic setting.

We hope that this project will provide clinicians with a robust case series which documents the current scope of UK-wide practice in this rare diagnosis. In particular, we hope to gain insight into the radiotherapy approaches being used across the UK (including technique and dose delivered) and whether this appears to be associated with a specific outcome. Data on systemic management and associated disease response will be useful for treating clinicians given the lack of evidence base in this area.

Meningioma Project: The Clinic
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