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A retrospective evaluation of treatment and outcomes for uterine sarcoma in the United Kingdom 2008 -2017: the TOURISM study (Treatment Outcomes in UteRIne SarcoMa)

Project Leads: Dr Karen Mactier and Dr Karin Purshouse

Study Status: CLOSED. Abstract submitted to national conference and manuscript writing underway

This project aims to provide clinicians with a robust case series documenting the current scope of UK practice in this rare diagnosis over a 10-year period (2008-2017) and is a National Oncology Trainees Collaborative for Healthcare Research (NOTCH) initiative.

Uterine sarcomas constitute approximately only 3-7% of uterine malignancies. Sarcomas account for a disproportionately high proportion of uterine cancer deaths in contrast to carcinomas despite their comparative rarity, and there is a wide range in survival depending on histological subtype. Evidence around systemic treatment or radiotherapy has been challenging to acquire given the size of the patient group, and overall there is a lack of good-quality data on treatments that are subsequently received by patients in a non-trial setting. 

We hope to generate an up-to-date assessment of current treatment strategies for uterine sarcoma, in addition to characterising the demographics, survival and structure of clinical care for these patients.  We hope this will allow clinicians across the UK to share learning and streamline care for this patient group. 

TOURISM Study: The Clinic
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