Institute of Cancer Sciences, University of Glasgow

Exploiting the aberrant DNA damage response phenotype of glioblastoma to
improve outcomes for patients: pre-clinical, clinical and biomarker studies

Anthony Chalmers is Chair of Clinical Oncology at the University of Glasgow and Director of
the Cancer Research UK RadNet Centre of Excellence for Radiotherapy Research in Glasgow.
In addition to his neuro-oncology clinical practice at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer
Centre, he leads the Translational Radiation Biology laboratory in the Institute for Cancer
Sciences and is Chief Investigator of a series of early phase clinical trials in glioblastoma and
mesothelioma. His research aims to improve outcomes for cancer patients by combining
radiotherapy with molecular targeted drugs, with particular focus on inhibitors of the DNA
damage response. From 2016 to April 2019 he was Chair of the NCRI’s Clinical and
Translational Radiotherapy Research Forum (CTRad), and was Founding Chair of the UK
Radiotherapy-Drug Combinations Consortium (RaDCom) and the Scottish Radiotherapy
Research Forum (ScoRRF). He is a Board member of the European Association for Neuro-
Oncology (EANO), sits on the Radiobiology Committee of the European Society for Radiation
Oncology (ESTRO), and led successful bids for Glasgow to host ESTRO 2023 and EANO 2024.
In 2020 he was appointed to the Medical Research Council’s Molecular and Cellular
Medicine Board.

NOTCH Research Symposium - 18th October 2020

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